There were many big budget movies which also were the top grosser last yours. The superheroes, animated, sci-fi and fantasy movies did well at the box office. Here are the top 5 major box office hits of last year.

Finding Dory

It has a family-friendly appeal to the story. In this movie, you will see how the forgetful blue tang fish reunites with family. There are few things you will learn about the family from this movie.

Rogue One – A Star Wars Story

A group of heroes come together in a period of conflict. They are here to steal the plans of the Death Star which is the Empire’s weapon of destruction. The ordinary people does extraordinary things here and become part of a greater thing.

Captain America: Civil War

Steve Rogers lead the team of Avengers in their efforts to protect humanity. But something happens that causes collateral damage and the Avengers separates. One part is led by Steve Rogers who doesn’t want any government interference to defend humanity and the other part by Tony Stark who supports the government.

The Secret Life of Pets

It’s a story about pets living in an apartment building in Manhattan. They go to work and school. They hang around with each other, shares stories about their owners, watch TVs, eat snacks, and more. It’s a very entertaining family movie.

The Jungle Book

It is about the adventure of Mowgli who is a man-cub raised by wolves. Mowgli sees that he is no longer welcome in the jungle as Shere Khan, the tiger, will get rid of anything that posses danger among the community. He had to abandon his house and start a journey of self-discovery.

All these movies were the top movies that people loved last year. If you haven’t watched these yet.

Top 5 box office hits of 2016

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