The US election result came as a shock to the entire nation. Very few people thought he would win the election. But he proved everyone wrong and became the President of the United States of America. Here are the major reasons why Trump won the election.

College-educated white voters

The working class college educated white people voted for Trump. There were high numbers of rural voters as well. These voters felt overlooked and left behind for so many years, and so voted Trump.

Households with income more than $50,000 voted for Trump

It was previously thought that Trump’s base support was those people who faced economic problems. But it was the opposite. That whose income was more than $50,000 voted for Trump.

Trump unexpectedly got lots of Hispanic voters on his side

He was having a tough time with the Hispanic voters from the beginning. He even promised to build a wall between Mexico and the US and deports millions of illegal immigrants. But despite all these, he won 29% votes from the Hispanic voters.

Different way of campaigning

He ran many unconventional ways of campaigning. He travelled to Wisconsin and Michigan states. He held huge rallies. All these worked for him, even though the experts didn’t believe that these were good strategies.

Trump has turned all odds into success and won the presidential election. He was confident and got good responses from the voters at the end. Now people are waiting for some good changes to happen in their nation.

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Top 4 reasons why Donald Trump won the election

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