We are always looking for new and energetic writers to join us. If you are a wonderful writer and have experience in writing for news related sites, then our blog is a great platform for you. Every day, thousands of readers visit our blog. It’s a lovely way to get exposure and get known as a good writer.


  • You must use the correct grammar and punctuation in writing. If you want to write for us, we give importance to the first impression. So, you should take the time to proof read the article or news you submit.
  • Your articles must be unique. You should write about things that will be appealing to our readers.
  • We encourage you to submit photos and videos along with your articles.
  • When you write about any news, you must mention your source. We recommend that you check multiple sources before writing about it.
  • You can write about any topic including politics, economy, technology, weather, entertainment, sports, etc.

We are looking for individuals who can write multiple blogs every week. But we also welcome guest writers. If you want to write on our blog, then please tell us a little about yourself. You should write your previous experience in writing and send a sample of your work by email. If you don’t have any experience in writing, then submit 500 words writing a piece for us so that we can judge your work. We hope to hear from you soon.

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