Top 5 box office hits of 2016

There were many big budget movies which also were the top grosser last yours. The superheroes, animated, sci-fi and fantasy movies did well at the box office. Here are the top 5 major box office hits of last year.

Finding Dory

It has a family-friendly appeal to the story. In this movie, you will see how the forgetful blue tang fish reunites with family. There are few things you will learn about the family from this movie.

Rogue One – A Star Wars Story

A group of heroes come together in a period of conflict. They are here to steal the plans of the Death Star which is the Empire’s weapon of destruction. The ordinary people does extraordinary things here and become part of a greater thing.

Captain America: Civil War

Steve Rogers lead the team of Avengers in their efforts to protect humanity. But something happens that causes collateral damage and the Avengers separates. One part is led by Steve Rogers who doesn’t want any government interference to defend humanity and the other part by Tony Stark who supports the government.

The Secret Life of Pets

It’s a story about pets living in an apartment building in Manhattan. They go to work and school. They hang around with each other, shares stories about their owners, watch TVs, eat snacks, and more. It’s a very entertaining family movie.

The Jungle Book

It is about the adventure of Mowgli who is a man-cub raised by wolves. Mowgli sees that he is no longer welcome in the jungle as Shere Khan, the tiger, will get rid of anything that posses danger among the community. He had to abandon his house and start a journey of self-discovery.

All these movies were the top movies that people loved last year. If you haven’t watched these yet.

Top 4 reasons why Donald Trump won the election

The US election result came as a shock to the entire nation. Very few people thought he would win the election. But he proved everyone wrong and became the President of the United States of America. Here are the major reasons why Trump won the election.

College-educated white voters

The working class college educated white people voted for Trump. There were high numbers of rural voters as well. These voters felt overlooked and left behind for so many years, and so voted Trump.

Households with income more than $50,000 voted for Trump

It was previously thought that Trump’s base support was those people who faced economic problems. But it was the opposite. That whose income was more than $50,000 voted for Trump.

Trump unexpectedly got lots of Hispanic voters on his side

He was having a tough time with the Hispanic voters from the beginning. He even promised to build a wall between Mexico and the US and deports millions of illegal immigrants. But despite all these, he won 29% votes from the Hispanic voters.

Different way of campaigning

He ran many unconventional ways of campaigning. He travelled to Wisconsin and Michigan states. He held huge rallies. All these worked for him, even though the experts didn’t believe that these were good strategies.

Trump has turned all odds into success and won the presidential election. He was confident and got good responses from the voters at the end. Now people are waiting for some good changes to happen in their nation.

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5 deadliest US mass shooting that occurred at recent times

The number of mass shooting in the US has increased. In many of these shootings, there is no particular motive behind it. Innocent lives are killed leaving their family devasted. Here are the most recent mass shootings that took place in the US.

Fort Lauderdale airport shooting

Date: January 06, 2017
Five people were shot dead by Florida gunman. The incident took place at the baggage claim area in Terminal 2. Eight people were injured. It is believed that the gunman was an Iraq war veteran. According to the witnesses, the attacker started shooting people near the baggage claiming area.

Orlando nightclub shooting

Date: June 12, 2016
This was one of the deadliest mass shooting in the US. 50 people were killed, and 53 were injured in Orlando after a gunman started shooting at a gay nightclub. The gunman took the people in the nightclub as hostages. He was killed later by a SWAT team.

San Bernardino, California

Date: December 02, 2015
14 people were killed, and 22 people were injured when two assailants started shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. The attackers were married. Both of them were killed in a gun battle with police.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Date: November 29, 2015
A gunman went inside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs and started shooting. Three people were killed in the shooting. Nine people were reported to be injured.

Roseburg, Oregon

Date: October 1, 2015
A gunman killed eight students and a teacher at Umpqua Community College. 9 people were left injured. The shooter is considered to have mental issues. He committed suicide after a gun battle with the deputies.

All these incidents have left the nation devasted. Loss of families and friends in this manner is very hard to accept. The government is taking measures to protect the people of the country by strengthening the security system of the country.

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